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Moonshot: The Next Giant Leap

Build your rocket, get the funding and shoot for the Moon! But beware of the other space agency’s efforts and the risks during launch since only one team can claim the first lunar steps of humanity.

“Moonshot: The Next Giant Leap” is a team-based game that encapsulates the thrill of the space race between the U.S. and the USSR with asymmetrical roles between team members.The game pays tribute to the historical events, but it does not follow them strictly. Instead every game mechanism is inspired by the complex processes in the managerial and technical side of a space program. Innovative gameplay solutions and a highly interactive setting let players experience their own unique story leading to the next giant leap of mankind.

Player count: 2-6
Length: 60-90 min
Mechanisms: Tile laying, Pattern matching, Bluffing, Resource management, Risk management, Push your luck / press your luck, Team based / Teamwork, Dice drafting, Simultaneous play, Asymmetrical player roles

Coming to Kickstarter for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo-11 mission (app. 2019 Q3)!